I'm a Central Ohio based family and wedding photographer. I'm a midwest girl through and through and truly treasure the beauty of my home here. 

My calling as a photographer has allowed me to meet so many amazing families and couples and serve others in a way that truly brings me joy. I am a people person, a little quirky and truly love a good belly laugh.

Getting to know my clients is such a key component in capturing the authentic, emotive stories that represent them. I have a go with the flow approach and am very inspired by lifestyle photography. I've been on this journey of enticing real emotion from my clients, nothing forced, overly posed, but actual connection. I can assure you at the end of our session you will leave feeling more connected to your loved ones. 


To create an experience that nourishes the soul, brings joy and focuses on emotion and connection.


sometimes I flash people... with my camera

I'm also here to make you laugh!

Meet my family

meet the




The wildly sassy little girl we absolutely adore.  Equal parts salty and sweet with energizer bunny-type energy; she keeps us on our toes over here! She loves to help mama cook in the kitchen and loves to be in the water!
Fav Toy: Mermaids

The dinosaur loving, lego building, silly wild child we were blessed with. He is the best (and sweetest) assistant on shoots and has such a creative eye himself! 
Fav Dino: Allosaurus

The love of my life and my business partner. When he is not helping me out a photoshoots, he's working for an architecture firm building and rehabbing schools. He loves metal music, being outdoors and Jesus.
Fav Band: 10 Years


what makes me smile

my beautiful family

I'm blessed to have married my high school sweetie, Tyler. We have shared 14 years (8 of them married) together. Tyler inspires and encourages me daily and accompanies me as my second shooter at weddings. I'm even more blessed to be called Mama to the two coolest creatures - Tristan and Olivia (Trinny & Livy to me).

70s rock music

Music is a huge component in my creative process, but in my day to day I go total fangirl for Creedence Clearwater Revival, Allman Brothers, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, and all the 70's rock bands I can get my ears on. 



enneagram: 2w3

coffee. coffee. coffee.

favorite time to shoot- sunset

Did I mention I love coffee? Give me all the caramel drizzle and foam.

my favs

Sappy romance novels, binging any show I can on Netflix, Jesus-lover, true crime anything, Disney movies, tacos or any extra spicy food, leggings and comfy sweaters, the smell of fall, nature & a nice rainy day at home.


I'm such a crafter. I love knitting, crocheting, and any form of crafting. Journaling, doodling and creating "stuff". Self -proclaimed baker and chef.

"The helper"

photo by Sara Bee Photography

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genuine. timeless. emotive.